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About the Artist: About Our Store


My name is Magda Plagge and I am a contemporary and expressionist artist that is passionate about creating different varieties of canvas paintings and Lino cut prints. My creative style is a bit spontaneous, which is why my portfolio contains a variety of themes.

In this particular season, I am currently exploring the different elements of abstract art. My abstract paintings have a way of expressing many emotions through a colorful palette. As I am mixing the colors, I create many fascinating textures that bring peace to many viewers. There are times that I experience explosive moments in my paintings. As I lift my brush, I paint layers on top of layers, utilizing scraping or slashing moments that bring in a different dynamic!

I hope to inspire other people to tell their stories and express their feelings through creativity such as art! I absolutely love what I do and hope to achieve many more opportunities to share my work with the rest of the world! I hope you enjoy my art works and may pieces inspire you!

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